At Meritage we ensure quality by using seasonal, local products.

Since 2004, Meritage Restaurant has combined the warmth and comfort that you expect from your favorite neighborhood restaurant with an exciting New American menu sourced from local purveyors. This ensures that we’re able to present only the freshest seasonal ingredients all year round. Our mission is to offer great food served by a professional staff that truly cares about enhancing your dining experience, while supporting the highest standards of responsible, sustainable food production. Executive Chef Chris Vergara’s Italian roots and French culinary training are a unique combination that makes many of our customers feel that we are their “second kitchen”. Our attention to detail in the kitchen, along with the welcoming atmosphere created by Manager/Owner Jamie Steinthal, has enabled us to grow and prosper for the past nine years.

The Meritage classification of wine was established in 1988 in order to create high standards and regulations for wine production in America. A quality wine is born of grapes grown using responsible farming practices. Meritage wine must be made from a Bordeaux blend of grapes and in accordance with strict production standards. Like this blend of old world grape now produced on American soil, we strive to combine ingredients of merit with a blend of the finest culinary techniques from various heritages.

Chef/Owner Chris Vergara trained at The Culinary Institute of America as well as Picholine in New York City and La Panetiere in Rye. He also owns Harpers Bar and Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, NY and Saint George Bistro in Hastings on the Hudson, NY.

Manager/Owner Jamie Steinthal is a SUNY graduate with a degree in Art History.